My name is Ike Amadi and I am the founder and CEO of Launchpadpro-this is my first blog post

The value of Social media lies in its ability to fulfill our need for human connection. In all of us there lies an innate human desire to be around like minded people. These people understand our journey and can relate to it. The absence of those connections from anyone’s life is the true definition of loneliness. Famed American Psychologist Harold Maslow posits that above the need to connect are even higher level needs for self-esteem and self-fulfillment. I think it is becoming abundantly clear that the same tool we use to connect with each other is also a medium through which we seek our self-esteem.

I feel we have grown accustomed to attention and instant feedback; so we started using our likes comments and followers to validate ourselves. Without always realizing it, we build shrines to ourselves by carefully picking the most enviable moments of our lives to share. Somewhere along the way we stopped connecting and we started competing. We’re so thirsty for recognition that we’ll crawl through the desert towards its mirage and when we get there and discover there’s no water we’ll drink the sand. In the absence of anything meaningful to say we’ll proudly display the most base and meaningless aspects of life.

I believe Social Media can act as a mirror for us and when I look into that mirror I see a no direction and no sense of purpose…I see myself. Better yet, I see who I was before I realized that the only thing in my life that matters is what I choose to do with it, what kind of man I decide to be and the number of lives that I’m able to affect. Before we start to demand more from Social media we will have to ask more of ourselves but let me be clear it is absolutely time that we raise the bar and that is starting here and now with me. From now on if we plan to be stuck to our phone screens then let it be for reasons that better us in some way.