What is a startup

Friday, July 7, 2017
1:39 PM

Every time I read a an article on this subject I end up somewhere between bored and confused. From what I can tell the real subject is that certain companies are past the stage where they might be considered a startup but still retain that title. Uber for instance is a young company with a ton of early success that has fueled their growth and valuation well into the billions. The fact that they are a young company does not make them a startup, they are what is called a unicorn. Unicorns are companies that are valued at over $1 billion.

I’ll stop here because that’s usually where I lose interest. I don’t care to get into the specifics or numbers because none of this has anything to do with starting up. What seems craziest to me is that people are reading these articles as they consider “starting up” and putting themselves in a position to be blind-sided by the realities of what starting up really is.

I never wanted to hear about valuations. I wanted to hear about sacrifice and rejection. I wanted to hear about desperation and loss. I wanted to hear someone talk about the fear that you learn to live with.

I can’t believe no one says anything about the frustration and madness of following a dream that so many people struggle to see at some point.

If you have not now or ever experienced any of this as you build your business I can assure you it is not a startup. I don’t care what your valuation is.

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